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rally of morocco by npo events


Under the High Patronage of his Majesty the King Mohammed VI

AUTO FIA Category

FIA category registration is intended for people wishing to score points in the cup of the world of FIA rally TT 2017.


FIA vehicles allowed in the category are:


Group T1 - vehicles off-road Prototypes, gasoline or diesel, 4 or 2 wheels.

Group T2 - Series off-road vehiclesgasoline or diesel.

Group T3 - Improved Cross-Country Vehicles – Lightweight.
All vehicles registered in category FIA must comply with the specific regulations of the 2017 OiLibya Rally of Morocco as well as the regulations FIA rally off-road 2017.


To register for the OiLibya Rally of Morocco 2017:  Click here


Règlement en cours de rédaction et d’approbation par la FIA : prochainement disponible.

Particular sporting regulations: Soon / English version : Soon

Find all information concerning Auto FIA category: Click here
Regulation of the 2017 FIA Cross-country Rally World Cup: Click here

FIA informations
Tel: + 41 22 544 44 00 - Fax: + 41 22 544 44 50 - website: www.fia.com

CAR OPEN category

The inscription in OPEN category is intended for persons not wishing to score points in the cup of the world of FIA rally TT 2017. It allows owners of prototypes or standard vehicle, to share the emotions of rally-ride drivers, in a friendly way, and for the raiders, to be on competition with their 4x4 vehicle, without an expensive preparation.


Several challenges are taking place in OPEN category:


Challenge 2-wheel drive 
Challenge 4-wheel drive
Diesel challenge
Petrol Challenge
Origin Challenge

All vehicles entered to the 2017 OiLibya Rally of Morocco must comply with the regulations of the rally 2017. The range requested for vehicles participating in the rally is 400km + 10%. (Subject to the validation of the rules coming soon).


Particular sporting regulations: Click here / English version : Soon


To help you find sponsors, download the presentation of the OiLibya Rally of Morocco: Click here

A specific ranking

On the race, whatever your level is, you will be part of the general ranking andwill get a specific ranking for your category.


Throughout the rally you integrate two rankings:
-The general classification with all the categories of the Rally,
-The "specific ranking" of your category composed of all the registered vehicles in the category.
You will be automatically in the daily scratch during all the stages of the Rally.


At the OiLibya Rally of Morocco, competitors are never switched off race (except medical cases or at their request). All crews live the same adventure, travel the same route as the greatest cars and trucks drivers of the discipline.


Every evening, you can talk and share the experience of the official teams at the hotel of the Rally.


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